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Colombia - Chocolate Bliss
Colombia - Chocolate Bliss

Colombia - Chocolate Bliss

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Production Description

Colombian coffee is believed some of the best single origin coffee in the world due to ideal growing conditions, processing methods flavor profiles. The abundance of flavor for which Colombian coffee is notable is primarily due to an exceptional climate, perfect soil, and the  just right amount of rain.  Colombian coffee is commonly not as strong other coffees. Colombian coffee uses Arabica beans, mostly recognized as a high-quality coffee bean.

This Colombian single origin is a very fresh and luscious coffee that is great to drink throughout the day. It's an excellent model of what a well-made Colombian coffee can be and we believe that you make it one of your favorites!


This is a washed bean coffee, available in ground or whole bean.

Tasting Notes:

chocolate, cashew nuts, apple

Light-Medium Roast